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The UK Government has committed to investing £5 billion to help local authorities improve their cycling and public transport network across the region.

As part of this and in response to travel disruptions caused by Covid-19 an ‘emergency active travel fund’ of £250 million has been made available to provide temporary improvements such as pavement widening, pop-up cycle lanes and bus-only corridors, to help the public get around safely during the pandemic. 

Here's a short video from the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps explaining the government's investment in options for sustainable transport. 

As stated these measures are however temporary and we know more needs to be done to provide: sustainable, safe, accessible and enjoyable - greener travel solutions to ensure levels of congestion and pollution continue to fall once normal life resumes.

This Simulator has been designed to enable you to get involved and have a say on what transport options you prioritise the most to help better inform how the council spends future funding.

Would you take the bus if more services were available? Would getting around by bike by a priority for you? Get involved and let us know what really matters to you.

You’ll be given 50 points and you must allocate them to the options you favour most. You must allocate all your points to complete the challenge.

There's also an option to earn more points so think about how you'd manage transport across the region if you were in charge for the day.

You can also leave any additional comments so if you think we’ve missed something, or you’d change something on offer then let us know.

Good luck!

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