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Community Planning Wokingham

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Employment and Income
Helping new businesses
Creating new employment and training opportunities
Building digital skills across the City
Encouraging employers to offer the real living wage

Improved outcomes for all Children and Young People
Helping young children to reach their developmental milestones
Supporting young teens to prevent unplanned pregnancy and provide support for pregnant young teens
Supporting children and young people with their mental health
Ensuring care experienced children and young people have the same opportunities and outcomes as other young people
Keeping children engaged in school
Educational input and support to children and young people regarding substance misuse
Helping young people reach a positive destination when they leave school

Support for Vulnerable People
Increase awareness of all forms of domestic abuse
Improving access to housing and support for homeless people
Supporting people who are involved, or are at risk of becoming involved, in offending behaviour to get back on track
Making sure no one goes without food due to poverty
Increasing awareness of available financial support

Health and Wellbeing
Supporting people to manage their own health and well-being
Supporting people in distress and reducing suicide rates
Changing attitudes to reduce smoking
Supporting people to manage their weight
Helping people to prevent, stop and recover from dangerous levels of alcohol and drug consumption
Changing attitudes towards alcohol

Welcoming Environment
Increasing community resilience and opportunities to volunteer
Encouraging people to walk and cycle
Promoting changes to help reduce waste and emissions
Increasing the number of community run green spaces